Appraisal Services

A property appraisal can help support some of your most critical business decisions. Whether it’s real estate or equipment, buildings or livestock, or some other type of personal property, AgHeritage Farm Credit Services has experts to accommodate your appraisal needs.

Our appraisers have experience in appraising many different types of property in rural areas. They specialize in rural and farm properties, as well as rural homes, new home construction and refinance appraisals.

With a wide-range of services, we can provide just the right type of appraisal report, with the appropriate amount of detail.

Appraisals can be made for:

  • Planning or settling an estate
  • Farm transition
  • Buying or selling property
  • Making a gift of land or other property for tax purposes
  • Selling the development rights to your land/conservation easements
  • Incorporating or forming a partnership

Appraisal Team

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