Cooperative Membership

How does belonging to a cooperative benefit me?

As a cooperative AgHeritage Farm Credit Services is customer-owned and controlled. You own stock in AgHeritage FCS. Because you own a portion of the association, you have certain benefits such as:

  • a voice/vote in governance issues-each year you will be asked to recommend nominees for the board of directors and then will be given the opportunity to elect your leadership;
  • opportunity to serve on nominating committee or board;
  • products and services customized to meet your needs-with 95 years of agricultural experience our lenders understand your needs and will work with you to find the products and services most suited to your needs. Be it anything from farm loans to home loans and rural acreage…we do it all;
  • and most importantly, you share in the financial success of the cooperative-our Patronage Program returns a portion of AgHeritage FCS earnings to eligible, cooperative customer-owners.
Unlike other lending institutions, when you borrow from AgHeritage Farm Credit Services you become part owner. Therefore, you share in the benefits of ownership.

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